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Ubaid Ullah

June 29, 2019
ubaid ullah

Ubaid Ullah CEO and Founder at alubaidiya Group of Companies.Qualified CEO with involvement in supervising the day by day exercises of independent companies and enormous organizations alike.Educated in Software Engineering Included Artificial intelligence, Project Management .Website Development , Software Requirement Engineer . Strong ability to solve complex company problems using excellent judgment and decision-making skills. Believe in receiving ongoing education and running a customer service-oriented company and have more than 4 years of experience in relevant positions.

Skills :

  • Excellent Programming Skills Software Project Management
  • Excellent personnel and human resources talents, such as know-how of tactics for offering advanced customer support and a effective and at ease work environment for personnel.
  • Qualified communicator with talent in written and oral conversation talents, consisting of the capability to have interaction an target audience and convey facts in a public speakme forum.
  • Social perception talents that allow for understanding others’ non-verbal reactions and adjusting verbal exchange therefore.
  • Highly gifted negotiation and persuasion abilities make it easy to come back to agreements and persuade people, businesses, and companies to satisfy the enterprise in the middle.
  • Ability to pick out complex troubles and use vital wondering abilties to put into effect plans for overcoming the ones troubles for the corporation’s advantage.

Experience :

October 2017-  Road Runners Gatwick

Road Runners Gatwick
Road Runners Gatwick

March 2018

Website Developer and SEO Expert

Experience at center:

My Experience is Based on Software Solution that I have to Provide Road Runners Gatwick On Year Contract. Where I create Website for online cab booking website and Live Support System for complains. Language CSS PHP HTML


  • Gather Software Requirement Documentation for the Website.
  • Develop website according to Documentation
  • Rank Website On Google 1st Page
  • Lead Generation

Alubaidiya Group of Companies

April 2018 Still (Founder and CEO)

My Experience Based at Alubaidiya Tech to provide solution like Artificial Intelligence Application Websites Development SEO SMM Services CRM for Companies


September 2014 – September 2018

Iqra University Islamabad, Pakistan

Bachelors in Software Engineer (BS SE)

Comprehensive Major

Software Requirement Engineer, Software Project Management, Website Developer, Android Development,
Software Quality Assurance, Artificial Intelligence Mobile Application.

Sub Majors

Unity 3d Development, Calculus, Business Management

Special Language Proficiency

1) English up to Advanced II Level

2) Urdu Language Advanced Level

Extracurricular activities

Member of Fashion Gallery

Tactics (2018) Event Head

Active participant of cultural events at Iqra University (Alumni Association)

Ubaid Ullah Message

Do your best to inspire the new World of Technology ( The Future of innovation )

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